Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share my donation form on Facebook or other social media?

When you registered, you should’ve received an email from us with suggested text to use to email family and friends. On social media, make a new post and open with some of those suggested words or your own words. Then paste in your donation form link that we sent you when your form was approved. Share the post. Your network will see your words and a preview of your form page. If they click the preview, they will go right to your donation form.

How do I see who has donated through my form?

Loaves & Fishes protects the privacy of our donors, especially if they check the “make this donation anonymous” box. We do not display all the donors on the website. All donations are acknowledged automatically on screen and by email. If you really need to know if a certain person’s donation was successfully applied towards your goal, please contact us and we will answer yes or no if you tell us who to check for.

Do I have to walk on May 1st? I have a conflict that day.

No! Since this is a virtual event, you can walk, run, hike or bike anytime from now until May 1st. We do ask that you complete your walk by May 1st at the latest and that you ask your sponsors to make their donations by May 1st.